Monday, 20 April 2020

When you in-laws overstay their welcome...

In anticipation of the Mark Edward's latest book out in June, I decided to read one of his older ones, out in 2019, Here to Stay.

Elliot meets Gemma by accident, within two months of a whirlwind relationship they are married. Just in time for his in-laws to visit.
After all, isn't this what all newly wed couple want?

The title gives away the main story, the in-laws have arrived with no plans whatsoever to move on.

But this is not just a thriller.

From the first moment I started reading there was a unexpected creepiness to every page. I wanted to stop reading, yet I couldn't. Elliot's story seemed to drag on through the first half, but I kept reading. My neck was crooked to read every word, as I sat tentatively waiting for what I expected to happen.
 Elliot's in-laws, were unbearable. How he put up with them all in his beautifully restored home, I am unsure. I think I might have snapped a lot sooner.

Elliot had been brought up to respect others, he loved Gemma, and he felt sorry for her younger sister Chloe, who was also now sharing his roof with her parents.

Unfolding events, lead to Elliot questioning everyone around him and doubting himself when they seem to point to something far-fetched.

Once you get to the halfway point the story unravels quickly, reflecting Elliot's life. The plot darkens immensely, you start wondering what you would do in his situation, and if at all it would ever get that far.  Surely, you would think the law would be on your side? Think again!

Stick with this book, to be shocked, and your life will never be the same again.
The story has been spun by a craftsman defining the genre. Simple and not over complicated, yet it twists and turns like a child deciding which ice-cream flavour they want.

June 3rd can't come quick enough.


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